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From home users to business users, we all store value information on our computer hard drives. Ask yourself what might happen if someone was able to take all the information from your computer? Identity theft, lost client details and cyber crimes are all common phrases used by the media in today's world.

When you replace your hard drive what do you do with it? Do you simply throw it away, do you format it then dispose? Non of these methods 100 % actually destroys all the data on your hard drive.

We understand the importance of ensuring your data is destroyed (permanently). We have CESG and CCTM approved hard drive destruction machinery that can completely destroy your hard drive so that no one can ever extract your information.

We are an Isle of Man based company with fully portable hard drive destruction machinery. We visit your location and destroy the hard drive(s) on-site so that you can witness the destruction.

  • Your one stop solution
  • On-site Hard Drive Destruction
  • Off-site Hard Drive Destruction
  • Rent a Hard Drive Crusher
You will even get a certificate with the serial number of your hard drive confirming that the hard drive has been destroyed past the point of repair or reconstruction.

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Contact us today and we'll take care of it all. We'll even issue you with a certificate for each hard drive destroyed guaranteeing the data has been permanently destroyed.

Phone: +44 (0) 7624 495845